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SAMUI is about more than fashion; it's about lifestyle, about surrounding yourself with beautiful things, things that inspire and excite.
While we are known for our fashion collections, we have also, over the last few years, been building a portfolio of gift items that live up to this brief. And the latest addition to our store, we are proud to announce, is Fornasetti candles. 
Combining Piero Fornasetti’s iconic designs with luxury scents, in the form of ceramic-encased candles and incense – objects of art in their own right – each piece is hand-crafted in the Fornasetti Atelier in Milan, while the fragrances are created by world-renowned perfumers. The joy of these beauties is that long after the candle has burnt out and the fragrance is gone, you have a stunning ceramic keepsake, which you can repurpose for ornamental use. These candles are the epitome of luxury (ranging in price from €150 to €550) and make much sought-after gifts…something to bear in mind as Christmas approaches.
And don't forget, we also continue to offer an extensive range of Astier de Villattes scented candles. The French brand worked with renowned 'nose' Francoise Caron to create a stellar collection of scented candles, each with its own special story, each inspired by a special place. Combining exceptional wax and extraordinary scents, Astier de Villatte candles are some of the best available today.
Whichever option you choose, you can be assured that our scented candles deliver…

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